Friday, 4 September 2009

Damascus Kun Wu Jian

Hang fold forged Damascus + inserted blade Kun Wu Jain.

This jian was made for one of my client but he was not able to complete the purchase and therefore was kept in storage for a year. One of my friend who currently own it asked me if I can give this sword a inspection a clean -up if necessary, and take some photos of it, as he might want to sell it in near future.

This sword was hand fold-forged Damascus with a 1060 high carbon steel inserted blade. Carefully water quenched and tempered

Nice solid brass fittings with good engravings, red sandalwood sheath and handle with nice nature color and grain.

Quite a remarkable piece with good combat sword balance. I have not give the blade full test but it seems to be able to shave normal 1050 carbon steel swords with ease.

2 comments: said...

Hello Evan that is a lovely sword may i ask what the writing on the othr side from the 'Enlightenment' character says ?

evan chen said...

Hi, the first 3 Chinese writing are the name of the sword ex-owners' name the last 2 words translated as "treasured sword" which is common on the sword engraving.